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Your one stop solution to all your power related problem. Weather you run a factory, or you just a house hold there something for resolve to learn

Carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint

To calculate your carbon footprint simply click on this button and add all your appliances and their capacity. This will not only give you total of your carbon emission but also give you a breakdown based on your added appliance.

Carbon Credit

Carbon Credit

You can earn carbon credits when you work upon these suggestions and successfully reduce your carbon emission. These credits added to your wallet in profile section and you can redeem for money. Once you reached thousands of carbon credit.

Document and Files Upload

Save Documents

The my files sections helps you to save all your important documents related to electrical appliances in one ways no more worries of loosing the bills on an important device before the warranty periods ends.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

You can use Consultation feature let our experts analyse your electricity bills and give you a free consultation that can help you save upto 10% on your monthly electricity bill.

Design and Engineering

Design & Engineering

Our design and engineering sections connects you to our experts who help you plan Solar energy projects, electrical low voltage, electrical high tension projects or analyse your current equipment.

Online Appointment

Online Appointment

You can even book an online appointment with our experts who will help you analyse your current power lines and if needed help you with it new plan and design for your power lines.

Solar Proposal

Get solar plant detail proposal

Imagine get solar plant detail proposal without having to make a single phone calls that whats photoelectric offers. You receive a proposal that includes such as

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Generation Data
  • Tentative BOM
  • Solar plant capacity and pricing

  • In pdf format in just a few click.
Solar Panel
Solar Proposal
Solar Generation

Solar generation Prediction

Most effective tool for Solar rooftop power plant owners to check the efficiency & degradation of solar panels or solar system installed on their roof. Installing Weather station is not financially feasible for rooftop solar plant owners. Create your own live and forecast simulated PV power data in minutes, by specifying details of your sites All simulations and forecasts are powered by our industry-leading irradiance and weather data.

Renewable Energy
Solar in Bulb
  • Electrical Monitoring

    Electrical Monitoring

    You can monitor, Measure and Manage all your single phase & Three phase electrical appliances at Home, Office, Factory etc. You can keep track of appliance power consumption & health. This feature is available on Mobile & Web.

  • Solar AMC

    Solar AMC

    Congrats, We appreciate your initiative towards environment by installing Solar plant and generation your own Carbon free electricity. It is most important to maintain solar plant to save environment and your investment. Visit this tab or connect with us for more information.

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Solar Information

Solar Information

Get solar policy related information state & union territory wise in few clicks without making a phone call or browsing multiple websites.

Electrical Store


It is an online market place catering to all your solar related products ranging from Solar Panels to Inverters, Electrical BOS, Structures, Earthing and all small parts.

ev charging station

EV Charging Station

You can find nearest EV charging station, and you can also plan your Road trip based on EV charging station on your route in our mobile application.

Photoelectric Finance


Finance is provided for Solar plant, Energy efficiency products and services by self or by third party in easy EMI.

Photoelectric Community


A community is formed for climate warriors to post the initiative taken towards climate change and its impact and also help others by sharing information.

Photoelectric electric bill payment

Electricity Bill Payment

Now you can make your electricity bill payment on our mobile application in few clicks and a hassle few process.