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Welcome Photoelectric Partners

You are an asset , your role will enhance the energy consumption and Carbon emission pattern in India and across the world. You are the climate warriors creating real impact on grass root level to achieve the prestigious goal of Net Zero carbon emission and sustainability in Energy sector

Who all can become our partners or a Climate Warrior?




Solar professionals

solar epc company

Solar EPC companies

Solar Distributers

Solar distributors

Electrical stores

electric consultants

Electrical consultants

professional electrician

Electrical professionals

electric audit

Energy audit companies

There are 2 Types of Partners

Partners who need can
manage Client relationship


partners to provide Technical support and services

Partner's Revenue

Partners earn revenue based on Performance it can vary from 2.0 lacs to 5.0 lacs on Annual basis, For more details contact us

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15 Years of

Partners benefit

  • Long term Passive income source.
  • Work Part/Full time/Flexible timings.
  • Partner has to work in his local area.
  • Partner provides technical support and service in his area.
  • Partners work as client relationship manager or technical support service.
  • As a partners of photoelectric, he Can approach medium & large scale clients.
  • Complete technical support is provided to partner through mobile application.
  • Basic requirements are automated and readily available on our website and APP.
  • Partners can have an additional line of business, providing services to clients in their local area with the help of photoelectric industry experts.
partner app feature
photoelectric partner app

This are the additional line of business a partner can have with Photoelectric

  • solar


    • Solar Power Plant Sale
    • Solar Power Plant AMC
    • Solar PV Consultation
    • Solar Water Heater Sale
    • Solar Water Heater AMC
    • Solar WH Consultation
  • electrical


    • Energy Audit
    • Energy Monitoring
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Electrical Design & Engg
    • Electrical Consultation LT & HT
  • energy monitoring


    • Device Sale
    • Energy Monitoring 1 Phase
    • Energy Monitoring 3 Phase
    • Solar PV Monitoring device
    • Solar water heater Monitoring device
  • sustainable resource


    • Sustainability Consultation
    • Carbon Footprint Consultation

Partners benefit

  • Provide customer touch point through physical visits or digital channel for energy, Carbon footprint, Solar etc.
  • Help Customers to avail the services of photoelectric and also raising complaints and resolve the same with the customers and Photoelectric.
  • The customer should be given instant conformation of services or complaints in accordance with the brand guidelines of photoelectric.
  • Customer should be made aware about actual status of services and complaints.
  • Customer should be made aware about the charges he has to pay to avail the services.
  • Photoelectric Logo should be prominently displayed at the point of contact as per guidelines laid down by photoelectric as per brand guidelines to identify.