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27 Aug 2023

One Electric First Indian EV Firm to Mark Entry for Production in African Market

One Electric, a firm that makes electric two wheelers, has announced the manufacture of its flagship electric motorcycle KRIDN locally in Africa. 

One Electric has formed a joint venture with a locally set up electric vehicle manufacturing firm. The manufacturer of electric two wheelers has offered components, technology and know how for the assembly of its motorcycles.
Gaurav Uppal, CEO One Electric said, “Our engineers are overseeing the training and production of our motorcycles in Kenya to ensure our high quality standards. We are fortunate to have partnered with a very experienced and technically strong company, and are on track to complete the first production batch within two weeks. This is in line with our vision to have multiple manufacturing locations across Africa & Asia, to ensure our ability to quickly scale, provide high quality products and also localized after sales service. Our second location in central Africa will be operational within 60 days.” He stated further, “However, the localization will be done in a phased manner as per the viability of the current industry levels. Child parts like handle bars, stands, carriers etc. are localized firstly, and as the eco system grows, we will look to increase this portfolio."

Adds Abhijeet Shah, CTO, One Electric, “While contributing to higher exports from India, localizing production also contributes to the local manufacturing, job creation and economy. This creates a win win situation for the whole eco system. Furthermore it creates a strong brand which establishes mutual success as its goal, rather than a simple sales model. This system where all concerned parties benefit, could be the most suitable model for operations in Africa."

One Electric has also set sights on establishing battery manufacturing unit in Africa by 2023 end with volumes going up. Following the establishment of a stronghold over African market the firm is eyeing the South American and South East Asian markets already. 

Last year, One Electric had rolled out its plan to set up two plants, one in Nairobi and another one in Pune.


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