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16 Aug 2023

Power demand reaches all-time high of 229 GW on August 11

Weak monsoon rain in August and high temperature surged power demand to an all-time high of 229 GW on Friday (August 11).

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) had anticipated such demand this year, but during the peak summer period of April-June.

The peak power demand, which was met, touched a new record for the sixth time this year after surpassing the highest peak power demand of 212 GW recorded on June 10, 2022. The peak power demand was above 220 GW for four days last week, as per the Grid Controller of India.

The previous all-time high peak power demand was 223 GW on June 9, 2023, which was surpassed last Thursday (August 10) with 225 GW and yet again a day later with peak power demand touching 229 GW on Friday with a peak shortage of 5.921 GW.

The time of the maximum demand met on Friday was at 12:52 hours. The energy met that day stood at 4,978 million units (MU), while shortage stood at 49.32 MU. On Sunday (August 13), the peak power demand met was 219.375 GW.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD), in its recent forecast, said rainfall during August is likely to be below normal ranging between 90% and 94% of the long-period average. The weak monsoon in August will result in a 2% rain deficiency in the country.

Earlier, April and May saw unseasonal rains in many parts of the country. The demand for power eased in July as the month ended with 5% excess rain. However, the sub-par rainfall in August has led to an increase in the usage of cooling appliances.

“In August, the monsoon is weaker than what was envisaged. So, this is possibly leading to higher demand for electricity in general. Also, in the agriculture segment wherever rainfall is not sufficient use of borewells has increased to get water as it is the sowing season,” said Vikram V, vice-president and sector head, of corporate ratings, Icra.


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