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23 Aug 2023

Energy Saving Services Will Invest 150 Cr To Upscale Energy Efficiency

State-Owned company, Energy Saving Services Ltd. (EESL) will make an investment worth Rs 150 crores to scale up 100 energy efficiency projects in several industrial facilities across various industries.

EESL, a joint venture run by the ministry of power, said of this initiative, “To augment the use of energy efficiency solutions in the industry sector, EESL (Energy Saving Services Ltd.) will invest Rs 150 cr for upscaling 100 energy efficiency projects in different industrial units of various sectors, notified under the PAT (Perform Achieve and Trade) scheme of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

The EESL’s Demonstration of Energy Efficiency Project (DEEP) will include this expenditure. The initiative aims to implement cutting-edge energy efficiency technologies and deploy extensive energy efficiency measures in the PAT scheme-affected industries.

In collaboration with EESL, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is looking to aid industries by setting up an ecosystem that not only helps them achieve the Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) reduction targets under the PAT scheme, but also fosters market transformation for novel technologies and attracts significant investment for this purpose. With their joint efforts and knowledge, BEE and EESL hope to implement eight cutting-edge energy efficiency solutions in industries as part of the initiative.

There will be 27 demonstrations for this across the nation. Additionally, EESL and BEE organized a workshop in collaboration with the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) and the state designated agencies of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Goa to raise awareness of this project. 
Key dignitaries from Gujarat government’s Climate Change Department (CCD), BEE, EESL, GEDA, and other organizations presented their perspectives on the value of energy-efficient solutions during the DEEP consultation session.
Girja Shankar, head (CDP), said, “EESL’s programs have made a significant contribution to upscaling India’s energy efficiency portfolio. Through DEEP, we will continue our concerted efforts to help the country meet its climate action goals with the widespread adoption of innovative technologies."

Ravi Shankar Prajapati Joint Director (BEE), said, “Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) Scheme is one of the flagship programs of BEE to enable a reduction in carbon footprint from industrial sectors. The successful demonstration of these projects will enhance profitability for industries and support them in achieving the PAT targets.” Shivani Goyal, Director of GEDA, opened the inaugural workshop on the DEEP project and spoke about the Gujarati industries’ reputation for leadership “Through the DEEP initiative, Gujarat Energy Development Agency will fully support and demonstrate the effective application of cutting-edge technologies. Key accomplishments in the BEE and EESL programs for energy efficiency and renewable energy have been shown by GEDA.”

In the workshop, EESL provided an overview of the new technologies that had been approved and demonstrated a live demonstration to solicit expressions of interest. During a panel discussion at the session, technological solution providers also shared case studies, cost economics, and insights on the development of these technologies.


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