Floating Solar System MMS

The Ultimate Modular system is a versatile option applicable to situations where a smart appearance and flexibility is appropriate. If required, the modules can relatively easily be disassembled and reconfigured. Each module is manufactured by the rotational moulding of polyethylene, which creates a product that is tough, durable UV resistant and does not deteriorate in a marine environment. Please find below technical details of Floating Solar panel MMS

Technical Description

MOC PE with 11 UV stabilized
Size 3M Long x 2M Wide x 400MM Height or 6sqmt or 64.5sqft
Color Only Grey and Any other Color (as per your choice)
Deck CSIRO slip resistant certified, raised tile pattern, self-draining
Resistance to DegradationExtremely High
Resistance to ImpactExtremely High
Chemical resistanceInert to most chemicals
Temperature Resistance-10º C to +60º C air temperature
Buoyancy of one pontoon 600Kg. (uniform Rated Load)