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We offers following products

Flat RCC Roof MMS

A highly flexible and compact mounting system for all conventional flat roofs.

Trapezoidal Roof MMS

Solar Roof Rails are installed with rivets and EPDM Rubber on a trapezoidal roofing sheet

Kalzip Roof MMS

A special type of Non penetrating clamps are made for kalziproof


A special type of Non penetrating clamps are made for KLIPLOK roof which are


A Special fixing plate is made for installation of Solar Panels on tile roof depends on RCC

Floating Solar System MMS

The Ultimate Modular system is a versatile option applicable

Solar Roof Tracking

The 3–7.2 kWp SINGLE AXIS TRACKER is EASIER and FASTER to install than FIXED structures.

Solar Water Heater

a. Flat Plate Collector
b. Evacuated Tube Collector

Solar Street Light

Additional Tilt on South facing Roof

The industrial roof have inclination of 5-8 degree in any direction

South facing MMS for North Slope roof

The industrial roof have inclination of 5-8 degree in any direction

South facing MMS for East-West Slope roof

The industrial roof have inclination of 5-8 degree in

About us

Company Profile

A Modern Enterprise Driven by Passion and a Sense of Mission
When in 2010 we installed our first solar system, we believed in a better world. Today we are still convinced that it is possible. With our innovative products, forward looking projects and our ongoing commitment we keep striving for a more sustainable world.

Executive Summary

A company full of energy
Photoelectric Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2010 and commenced operations in year 2010-2011. Headquarters based in Mumbai. The company is promoted by technocrats with wide experience in industry.

The company manufacturers and provides a wide range of Solar energy products and solutions such as Solar rooftop PV module mounting Structures, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Rooptop Power Plants, Megawatt Solar Power plants and Solar Water Heating Systems. The manufacturing unit located at Bidar, Karnataka is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to produce affordable custom designed SPV and SWH products. The company has all facilities to manufacture and test the products under one roof.

With a production capacity of 25 MW, it is now a leading manufacturer of high quality and reliable Solar Energy Systems. It is one of the largest & cost effective producers of Solar rooftop PV Module mounting structure for Flat & Inclined roof. Photoelectric has ISO 9001: 2008 and 27001: 2013 certifications. Photoelectric offers a unique advantage of combined expertise in Solar Photovoltaics, Solar Thermaland Solar PowerPlants.

Total Solar Power installed 35 MWp in India & Abroad, Energy generated is more than 50MU, Carbondioxide saved is approximate 50,000 Tons.

We intend to be a leading provider of Solar Energy Solution in the country.

Our Vision

100% Renewable Energy

We are certain that very soon 100% of the energy we need to live on earth will be produced renewably and decentralized.

The energy will be produced regionally and distributed justly.

Transforming our energy supply requires our total commitment to grow renewable energy.

We see ourselves as part of a global network shaping this change.

Driven by this vision of an ecological and clean future we want to help in creating a world that is worth living in for all people.

Quality Management

Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management Systems

Our staff’s strong belief in what we do, the high quality of our products, our consistent striving to protect the environment, sustainability and safe working conditions are major drivers of our success.

The three core organization principles of quality, safety and protection of the environment are integrated in a unified handbook and management system. Our quality management system has been certified for many years and was recertified under ISO 9001/2008. Our environment management system has ISO 27001: 2013certification.

Detailed procedures and testing regulations across the enterprise ensure compliance with the quality standards in day-to-day operation. As we do our daily work, we are always looking out for ways to improve our processes. Our environment management system ensures that our ecological products are also produced in environmentally sound ways and that the respective standards are constantly improved. Constant checks and improvements address work safety and preventive care is provided for the colleagues’ health.

Milestone Achieved

  • 5 Patents
  • 10+ Types of Rooftop Structure
  • 50+ MW Installed
  • 5+ States in India
  • 4 Countries
  • 1st Thin film solar power plant installation in India – 2011.
  • 1st MW Scale rooftop design & MMS supplied in India - 2013.
  • 4 MWp rooftop solar power plant installation on Malaysia Airport - 2013.
  • 10 MWp ground based Solar power Plant Installation in Philippines - 2015.

Basic Information

Business Type: Manufacturer, Design & Engineering, Installation Service.
Main Products: Rooftop Solar PV Mounting Solutions, Trapezoidal TIN Roof, Flat Roof, Tile Roof, Standing Seam roof, Kalzip roof, Kliplok roof.Solar Water Heater, Evacuated Tube Type, Flat Plate Type, SS304 Tanks.Design & Engineering, Installation and commissioning service for Solar Power plants.
Total Employees: 20 – 50 people
Year Established: 2010
Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, ISMS 27001:2013, Trade Mark, MSME, NSIC, Care Rating 3C, MNRE Channel Partner
Location: Mumbai, India.
Ownership: Private Limited.

Quality Control

Quality Management Process:-

Production Capacity

Sr.No.Product NameProduction Line Capacity
1.Solar Mounting Structure5 MW/Month
2.Solar Water Heater20 KL/Month

Trade & Market

Domestic Market, India100%
Export: 0%
Export Mode: Have Own Export License.
Languages Spoken: English, Hindi.

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350KW Rooftop


80KW Rooftop


1000KW Rooftop


400KW Rooftop


200KW Rooftop

The Team

Mr. Manmath Kaulase

Mr. Manmath Kaulase


B.Com graduate having more than 25 yrs of exp in finance and accounts.

Mr. Veershetty Kaulase

Mr. Veershetty Kaulase

Director-Sales & Technical

B.E graduate having 9 years of exp in solar power plant.

Mr. Kashinath Tripati

Mr. Kashinath Tripati


B.A, L.L.B. Advocate High court Mumbai having more than 25 yrs of exp.

Our Projects

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Attention to detail and scientific rigor are cost intensive – a common belief among SMEs and MNCs alike. Photoelectric was conceived on the premise that solar mounting systems can be made more cost-effective, provided they are afforded the same scientific rigor as other BOS components in a solar plant. With 50 patents and counting, Photoelectric has set its foot in the right direction.


Every millimeter in a mega power plant has a huge value attached to it. While being economical is desirable, being accurate is the end goal. Millions rest on the solar mounting structures we design and hence destructive and non-destructive testing of numerous prototypes is a part of our daily routine.


Structures are intertwined with numerous other cost components of the plant, ranging from power outputs to cable lengths. Our philosophy is to ensure absolute optimization across all BOS components and to promote a synergic power plant.


Photoelectric innovates and introduces cutting edge designs and takes the onus of getting industry approvals to implement the same. Photoelectric designs have been approved by over 20 independent approval agencies and esteemed government organizations like NTPC, ONGC, BHEL. We provide complete support in getting toughest of the approvals.



Rocky, sandy, clayey, gravel. Name it and Photoelectric has worked in it. Ranging from sandy Rajasthan, rocky Madhya Pradesh to clayey Tamil Nadu, Photoelectric has experience working with major solar installations in India.


Optimized foundation designs aimed at cost savings, while ensuring the fundamentals of durability are met.


Our structures follow the contour to more than 12 degree to ensure savings in millions avoiding land levelling works.


The experience of working across various localities is an added advantage in dealing with the local issues, manpower sourcing which is essential for faster and smooth execution.


Our meticulous planning, reporting and organizing is key timely completions.

Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Electricity can be obtained from sunlight practically no wear and no maintenance. Yet it still makes sense to continuously monitor your photovoltaic solar power plant, not only to prevent costly yield losses, but also to operate your plant reliably over its entire service life. Long operating times demand professional plant management, for which we will gladly take all the technical and commercial tasks off your hands.

A constant Overview of your system : PHOTOELECTRIC remote monitoring

Our monitoring system allows you to keep a remote eye on your photovoltaic system and to view the yield data reliably and comfortably. Our service package includes analyzing this data around the clock and evaluating it on a daily basis. Should there be a malfunction, our service staff will be immediately notified by the text message so that wecan react immediately.


Structures are intertwined with numerous other cost components of the plant, ranging from power outputs to cable lengths. Our philosophy is to ensure absolute optimization across all BOS components and to promote a synergic power plant.

On the safe side

  • Installation and maintenance with nation wide on site service from a single source
  • Trained service team of over 20 in house maintenance engineers
  • Real time remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems
  • Error documentation and annual maintenance report

Small investment with big impact

Reliably operating a solar power plant requires no major investment. A more affordable option to one off maintenance is a maintenance and repair contract that can be transparently calculated based on fixed parameters.

The PHOTOELECTRIC annual check-up: Monitoring is good, Inspection is better

PHOTOELECTRIC takes care of the maintenance and servicing of all components involved in operating the plant, including regular visual inspection and functional checks. It is much like having a car serviced. An on site inspection is performed periodically to make sure your plant functions correctly and is protected against future faults. There are many tiny details in the electrics or mechanics that you cannot check, evaluate or quickly repair by yourself. Instead, you can trust in the experience of our trained services team. Only the correct diagnosis of a fault will save lots of time and money.

In the PHOTOELECTRIC annual check up, all plant components are examined carefully by experts, in particular the inverters, solar modules, sub construction, attachments, electric wiring, switchgears, Sensors and meters. Service duties performed include cleaning and verification of all protective and safety installations. Faults are eliminated immediately, all necessary servicing and repair work will be performed upon agreement.

Service by experts

PHOTOELECTRIC produces turkey photovoltaic systems for industry, communities and agriculture. Our aim is to guarantee safe operation of every photovoltaic solar power system and to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. Accordingly PHOTOELECTRIC offers optimally tailored service and support naturally over the entire service life of plant.

Installation & Commissioning of Solar Power Plant

Solar Panel Installation

For most customers, residential or commercial, the roof is the best location for solar panel installation. It usually already has the structural specifications that the solar panels require. All that is needed is mounting hardware and appropriate flashings. If the roof is not applicable or desired, various other mounting options are available, including shade awnings or ground-mount options (i.e., standard ground-mount, ground pole, or trackers).

Inverter Installation

The inverter is commonly installed near the main panel either indoors or outside. Since it is made with solid-state electronics and performs better in cooler conditions, the inverter should be located out of afternoon sun. Usually, the best location is near the main electric panel.

System Monitoring

This allows you to remotely view your system’s performance through your computer or remotely on a wireless device. SunPower also offers a convenient app for your smart device so you can access your solar production stats on the go.

Additional Hardware

If you decide you want a battery back-up system or need a stand-alone energy solution, The Solar Company can design and install a system that is right for you. Some back-up systems and all stand-alone systems require a gas generator (propane, natural gas, diesel, etc.). Battery banks vary in size depending on power loads but generally need 10-20 sq. ft. and may require venting.

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